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Stinky the Garbage Truck

Garbage Trucks Toys - Get Them Now While They're Still In Stock

Garbage trucks toys stand to be one of the hottest toys on the market this holiday season. Toy manufacturers are going all out this year. There are a couple new garbage trucks toys on the market that are sure to sell out fast so read on to find out about the hottest toys this year.

Why Garbage Trucks Toys Are So Popular With Young Boys

Boys love big trucks and garbage trucks are a big truck they see regularly. They come driving up the street and pick up our garbage cans every week. You have to look at it from a young boys perspective.  They are large, brightly colored green trucks that drive around the neighborhood collecting the trash out of our garbage cans. They're loud and make cool beeping noises when they back up...What's not to love.

Children learn to love garbage trucks toys from an early age. In my neighborhood, we have a friendly garbage man who waves to my son every time he sees him. This has made the garbage man and his truck something my little guy demands to see on weekly basis. He actually listens for the beeping sound of the garbage truck and will get upset if we don't take him out to see it when it drives down our street. This has been a weekly routine since my son was old enough to walk.

Get Them Before They Run Out

Garbage truck toys are popular gifts for birthdays and for the holiday season. This year is going to be no exception. There are a couple of new toys on the market that are sure to sell out as the holiday season approaches. Purchase them now to ensure your child gets the garbage trucks toys he really wants and not a cheap imitation.

Stinky the Garbage Truck

The toy at the top of many young boys lists this year is the one and only Stinky the Garbage Truck from Matchbox. This super cool toy transforms from a normal garbage truck into a moving and talking robot. Kids of all ages will be delighted when Stinky comes to life. He is guaranteed to entertain your child for hours on end.

There are two versions of Stinky. Mini Stinky is smaller and doesn't have all of the features, but he costs about half the price. The larger Stinky costs twice as much, but is also about twice the size of the little. The bigger one can say over 90 phrases, while the little one only has a couple phrases it can say.

Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck

Does your child like Toy Story and/or Lego toys? If your child is into Lego, he or she will love the Lego Toy Story garbage truck set. You get Buzz Lightyear and Jesse, along with a Lego truck. The truck has arms that lift to empty the dumpster into the truck. This detailed Lego truck features a hopper that opens as the dumpster is lifted to the dumping position. If your child doesn't care for Lego or is too young, there is another option. Toy Story also offers a regular truck for children that are too young for Lego.

Bruder Garbage Truck

Looking for something more realistic for the older child in your family? Bruder has you covered. They offer a few different models of garbage trucks toys that are modeled after the real thing. Bruder's vehicle line-up features a bunch of realistic vehicles that will make your children feel as if they are playing with a real garbage truck. Bruder's toys are big, and they are built to be played with.

Tonka Garbage Truck

Tonka toys are built to last. This brand has been around a long time, and for good reason. Tonka toy trucks are the perfect gift for a child that is rough with his toys. While the Tonka brand has been around since we were children, these aren't the same trucks we played with when we were kids. They make noise, they have buttons you can press to automatically dump garbage and they are made to look and function like the real thing.

Other Garbage Trucks Toys

There are a lot of garbage trucks toys on market. This section is for toys that don't fall into the other categories.