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Garbage Trucks Toys - Bruder Garbage Truck

A Bruder garbage truck is a truck that's built to last. These trucks are made of high-quality plastic parts that are engineered so there are no sharp edges. The realistic details of these garbage trucks toys make them the ideal gift for children and adults that are fans of garbage trucks. There are a number of Bruder trucks available. Read on for details on the different garbage truck models offered by Bruder:

Bruder Side Loading Orange Garbage Truck

This Bruder garbage truck measures in at 20 inches and features an articulated grappler arm that actually works to dump garbage from the bin into the side of the trash compartment. The rear gate of the truck opens and closes, as do the doors of the cab. The attention to detail is impressive...You can even adjust the side view mirrors.

Buy Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck Orange

Bruder Mack Granite Back Loading Garbage Truck

This is one big Bruder garbage truck toy. It measures in at almost 2 feet long and close to a foot tall. This back loading truck comes complete with 2 cans that can be realistically dumped into the rear compartment by turning a crank on the side. You can open the hood of this Mack truck to get a glimpse of the engine compartment.

Buy Bruder Mack Granite Back Loading Garbage Truck

Bruder Roadmax Garbage Trucks

Have you spent a lot of time looking for garbage trucks toys for the toddler in you family? This is the perfect gift for a younger child. It has a larger sized garbage can that dumps into the rear of the truck. The cab of the Bruder Roadmax opens up and is big enough to fit two action figures.

Buy Bruder Toys Roadmax Garbage Truck

A Bruder garbage truck is the perfect gift for anyone who loves garbage trucks. The attention to detail is second to none and they are built to last. These garbage trucks toys are made of durable plastic, with no screws or glued parts. Bruder trucks are a popular gift so be sure to pick yours up early.