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Garbage Truck Toys - Other Toys

There are a ton of garbage truck toys on the market...and for good reason. Garbage trucks are beloved amongst children of all ages. Kids love big, loud trucks and they see garbage trucks on a weekly basis. I originally intended to just have the other four sections but I came across a few other toys that didn't fall into the other categories that I thought should be added to the site.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Mighty Builder Garbage Truck

This original concept should keep the builder in your family happy for hours. This is a garbage truck toy your child can build for himself - with your help of course. This toy can be built using only a screwdriver and requires no cutting or gluing. Imaging the fun your child will have building this toy and then playing with the toy he created.

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Battat Garbage Truck Toy

The Battat garbage truck is a simple truck with a removable driver and lever that opens this back. This is a good gift for the budget minded consumer looking for a garbage truck toy for a younger child. This toy is almost sold out so act fast...

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Siku Die-Cast Garbage Truck

This die-cast truck is perfect for the collector in your family. It's durable enough for a child to play with but is detailed enough to warrant a spot on the shelf for the older garbage truck toy aficianado. This truck features many moving parts and rubber tires attached to wheels that are actually welded to the axles.

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