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Garbage Trucks Toys - Tonka Garbage Truck

Tonka trucks are built to last. The Tonka dump truck has been around for years and has been a favorite gift of children for the last 50 years. Tonka garbage trucks toys are a relatively new addition to the Tonka line but are built with the same care and attention to detail Tonka toys has built its reputation on. No matter what your needs, there should be a Tonka garbage truck for you.

Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck

This is one of the few garbage trucks toys on the market that comes with a garbage man action figure. This is also one of the only garbage trucks that has a motorized can lift. Hook the can up to the side and it lifts and dumps its contents at the push of a button.

Buy Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck with Figure

Tonka Titan Go Green Garbage Truck

The Tonka Titan is a huge toy. In fact, it's the biggest one on the market at 3 feet long. This large truck comes complete with a garbage man action figure, 2 cans and garbage to put in the cans. The Titan has flashing lights and makes realistic sounds as the garbage is being dumped.

Buy the Tonka Titan Go Green Garbage Truck

Tonka Strong Arm Garbage Truck Toy

The Tonka Strong Arm Truck has an oversized arm on the side of truck. When pulled, this arm revs up the truck so that it makes motor noises. The more you pull, the faster it revs. The window on the arm sparks as the engine is revved up. Press the lever on the arm and the front loading arms lift up to dump garbage in the compartment.

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Tonka Motorized Side Loader

Motorized garbage trucks toys are a perennial favorite, and this year will be no exception. The Tonka Motorized side loader features realistic lights and sounds as the truck dumps the garbage. It's a side loader, so you hook the can up to the side of the truck. Press the button and the can is automatically lifted up and dumped into the back of the truck. This garbage truck toy comes complete with a DVD that shows real life trucks in action.

Buy Tonka Mighty Motorized Side Loader Sanitation Truck

Tonka Chuck and Friends Truck

There aren't many options when it comes to garbage trucks toys for the children under the age of 3 in your family. Luckily, Chuck and Friends comes to the rescue. The Chuck and Friends toys are made of safe plastic and have no small parts. Rowdy is the name and garbage is his game. These toys are cute and the young child in your family will love them.

Chuck and Friends Buy Chuck and Friends

Buy Tonka Chuck & Friends - 5 Inch-Rowdy The Garbage Truck w/Spinning Wheels

Tonka toys have been a popular holiday gift for many years. A Tonka garbage truck would make the ideal gift for a child who already has other Tonka trucks and loves them. Get yours today while supplies last.